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Summer Term


 The nursery children have shared their ideas about where they would like to go for a trip and the three most common requests were

1. To granny's house

As it would not be possible, practical or polite to turn up uninvited at the respective grandparents houses, we would like to invite all grandparents to come and spend time with their grandchildren in nursery on either Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th June 2016.

2. To the movies

We plan to show a movie and share popcorn on the afternoon of Thursday 30th June and on the morning of Friday 1st July 2016.

3. To the beach

As neither Oban or St Andrews are close enough to get to during the nursery session, we are going to make our very own beach in the nursery garden on Thursday 16th June 2016. Here we will enjoy collecting shells, splashing in the water and walking barefoot through the sand. We plan to have Ice cream for snack!






We have been looking after some caterpillars who arrived in the post. We shared the story about the very hungry caterpillar who ate until his stomach was sore. Our caterpillars have eaten and grown. They are now beginning to hang upside down from the lids of their pots.




Some of us have grown so big that we are going to move on to Primary 1 after the Summer Holidays. We have been  sharing our learning and taking part in group activities with Primary 1 all through the year. Now we are getting used to going out in the 'big school' playground at playtime and dressing up in school uniform.





This term we are learning about growing. We have shared photographs of ourselves as babies and planted vegetable seeds in the nursery garden.

Here we are carefully putting the seeds in rows.